Donkey Birthday

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This weekend was Jenn’s birthday so we had a big two-day extravaganza.

Saturday we got together with our friends Angela and Keaka and we headed to the coast.  We usually head to Seaside, but this time we took a longer trip and went down to Lincoln City. We cruised around there for quite some time, then headed down to Depoe Bay.

The weather at the coast was nice - mid 60’s, little wind, no rain, slightly overcast.  By the end of the day, it cleared up and we stopped at a pullout along the highway to watch the sunset, which was gorgeous. (If I get off my lazy butt, I can get some pictures posted.  We got some nice photos.)

At some point we got talking about weird foods that people eat (well, weird to us; probably not weird at all to some cultures) and how where Keaka used to live there were wild donkeys and when someone would hit one, they’d pick it up and take it home and eat it.  After that we kind of got off on a tangent naming all the things you could make out of donkeys, sort of like Bubba in Forrest Gump naming all of the things you could make out of shrimp.  Donkey kabobs, donkey sandwiches, donkey stew.  When we hit donkey noodle soup, we knew we’d gone way too far with it.  So the word of the day is “donkey.”

So we cruised the beach, and we cruised the outlet mall there, and had a really fun time.

Sunday I gave Jenn her gifts - a new purse (the silver/black Coach Chelsea Signature small hobo) and some shoes (Calvin Klein “Joeclyn” pumps in bordeaux) - and took her on a mini shopping spree to pick out a new outfit.  She liked the purse a lot, but isn’t sure about the shoes - they’re really gorgeous, but they hit her in the ankle a little wrong so she’s going to take them back and see what else they have (maybe a half size smaller).

We shopped all day Sunday, eventually finding half an outfit (including some more shoes), and spanned two malls, ending up in Bridgeport Village for dinner with her parents at Macaroni Grill.  Very tasty.

It was a heck of a long weekend, and a lot of fun.  According to Jenn, she had a great birthday, and that’s what matters.