Bart and Bicycles

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This weekend was pretty crazy with all the running around, but the major goings-on included…

My mom got me a copy of The Simpsons Handbook through her work, but she was also able to get it slightly personalized for me on the inside…

Matt Groening personalized drawing of Bart

That’s right - she got Matt Groening himself to sketch Bart on the inside!  Far, far too cool.

While we were with them on Saturday, we went shopping for bicycles, too.  Mom and Dad bought them for us as belated wedding gifts - far better than a toaster!  Jenn and I have been wanting bikes for a while, so we were pretty stoked.  Jenn ended up getting a Giant Sedona and I got a Giant Cypress. Jenn was able to bring hers home on Saturday, but mine’s still getting put together and should be done today.  I’ll have to go in and pick it up tonight or maybe tomorrow, pending on my schedule, from the local Bike n’ Hike.

We’re all geared up with helmets and bells and everything, ready to take a ride.  The only things we really haven’t gotten yet are locks and racks (so, yes, we’ll have to put my bike in the back of the car for now).  We want the Yakima KingJoe 2 but we haven’t been able to find it anywhere around here.  Maybe we’ll have to order it online. Anyway, I’ll post pictures of the first ride when it happens.  I’m excited.

My dad’s brother and family were up here this weekend visiting from California, so we got together with them, too.  It was nice to see them again and demonstrate how thoroughly I trounce Dad at Xbox 360.