Preordered Grand Theft Auto IV - Special Edition

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Grand Theft Auto IV - Special
EditionI gave in and hit the local GameStop during lunch today and pre-ordered my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV - Special Edition.

This version comes with (from the GameStop site)…

  • Grand Theft Auto IV the game with special packaging (a lock box).
  • The Sounds of Grand Theft Auto IV: A selection of our favorite music from the soundtrack of GTA IV. This album will only be available within the Special Edition package and will feature original tracks from some of today’s hottest artists.
  • The Grand Theft Auto IV and Rockstar Games Art Book: This will be the 1st ever GTA art book to be published by Rockstar Games and will feature exclusive art unreleased anywhere else.
  • A Limited edition Grand Theft Auto IV/Rockstar Games bag which has been designed especially for this Special Edition
  • An exclusive Rockstar Games keychain to hold your lock box keys.

Yeah, I’m crazy, and yeah, it did cost me $90… $30 more than the game alone.  But I’m a GTA junkie, and they make this crap targeting me personally.  I can’t say no.  I’m just as bad as the Halo junkies who will be paying megabucks for the version of Halo 3 with the mini replica helmet.

The thing is scheduled to ship on October 16.  If they could guarantee it would be in my hands on that day, I’d schedule my PTO right now.