3G iPod Borked by iTunes 7

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I think Jenn’s been hit by the iTunes 7 problem that a lot of other folks have seen. She has a 3G iPod and we recently updated to iTunes 7.x (I don’t remember the exact version, but we had been putting off the upgrade for a while and finally bit the bullet fairly recently).

Anyway, I’ve had to replace the battery in that iPod once already, and it was, oh, within the last year or so, so the battery is good. What we’re seeing is that she can play the iPod all day long - like six to eight hours - without issue on battery power alone, but the second she plugs it into iTunes to sync up, the screen flashes that the battery is dead and the iPod refuses to sync.

This happened after we saw the dreaded “1418 error” and I had to do some fancy footwork to restore the iPod. It’s working now, but it won’t sync.

I’m thinking we might be screwed, which sort of sucks. That iPod has given us years of good service and it’s not broken, it just won’t sync. I can’t say I’m terribly pleased, but since I can’t definitively pin the cause on the software, I can’t really say there’s no issue. Or can I?

Is this going to force me into an upgrade?