Parents and Borat

I had this weird dream last night involving super heroes, magic, and Scarlett Johansson. I think that’s what I get for playing a lot of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and then watching The Prestige right before bed.

Friday night Jenn and I tried out a new Mexican restaurant called Costa Vida. It’s [yet another] one of those build-your-burrito-to-order places, but they have this sweet pork that’s just fantastic, especially when coupled with their mango salsa. I’ll definitely be having that again.

Saturday we went to my parents’ house to watch Borat. They hadn’t seen it yet and somehow thought it would be, I dunno, less crazy or something if I was there. We laughed, we screamed. Good times.

Oh, my dad got his Xbox Live router configuration issues under wraps and picked up a copy of GRAW 2, so now I’m going to have to get that so I can trounce him. Not that I’m very good, I’m just better than him. And isn’t that what matters? Hehehe. He’s promised to devote at least an hour a week to get used to the controls and stuff so he can play without having to call “time out” and ask how you shoot guns or ride in vehicles or whatever.

Saturday night we went to Jenn’s friend Kristi’s 30th birthday party. It was a pretty cool party and was at Kristi’s mom’s house, which is super huge and really nice, so we not only got to attend the party but also get some home improvement ideas. (Kristi’s mom is an interior designer.)

Kristi has this really cool huge dog that’s part Chow and part Saint Bernard or horse or cow or something. I’m not a dog person, but this dog was really mellow and pretty cool. I sort of wanted to ride him around the house. Yes, he was that big.

Sunday the kitties were nice enough to let us sleep in a bit and not cry outside the door, so we woke up reasonably late (9:00a is super late for the kitties to not be crying wanting love). We intended the day to be a “preparing for Spring” day since it was supposed to be nice, so I was going to get the awning on our back deck ready (plug it in, unpin the winter cover on it, clean it, etc.). Of course, just as I got started the rain kicked in so I didn’t get much done. I think we’re going to need a pressure washer anyway because the moisture rolled up in the awning molded over the winter and now it needs a good scrubbing.

While I was outside, I noticed that over by our air conditioner there’s this hole through one of the vents under the house where the A/C pipes go in and connect to the central distribution system or whatever. Anyway, there was a piece of sheet metal that was sort of jimmied in there to make sure no animals can get under the house. “Was” is the operative word - that piece of metal wasn’t really “in place” so much when I looked.

Now, every so often - maybe once a month - we’d get this really strong pee smell going through the house. We didn’t know if it was outside, or maybe just the smell of one of the kitties not burying their business very well in the litter box, but every so often, it’d accost you and take a couple of hours to go away.

Okay, so flash forward to Sunday. I started thinking about this pee smell and realized maybe some animal was getting in there and peeing, so I put the sheet metal back in place.

It occurred to me a couple hours later that the next smell may not be “pee,” it might be “dead animal.”

I didn’t get under the house to look. Just what I need is to be bitten by some rabid squirrel or some crap. There may well not be anything under there. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks, won’t we?