All Hopped Up

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This is probably going to read almost stream-of-consciousness style because I’m all hopped up on Mountain Dew.

Saturday my parents came over to visit the new kitty. I have awesome parents. They brought over some very cool Da Vinci Code jigsaw puzzles, a nice picture for us to hang in the house, and a Twinkies bake set for Valentine’s Day. (Twinkies were a staple in high school and I still love me a good Twinkie. Zingers are my all time favorite snack cake. In fact, I found them in the vending machine this morning at work and didn’t hesitate a second in cramming them into my mouth. They’re that good.) Jenn and I took them to their first Indian restaurant experience at The Curry Leaf and they liked that. Good times.

Sunday Jenn worked and I had to take little Jack to the vet because he’s been sneezing a lot in the last few days and we thought he had a cold. Turns out some kitties have a virus in them that makes them sneeze and have a runny nose when they are stressed out. There’s not much you can do for them since they have to fight it off themselves, but the vet gave me this nasty amino acid paste that is supposed to slow down the virus enough for the cat’s immune system to fight it off. We have to give it to him and our other cat twice a day.

Of course, giving them this paste is easier said than done. Some cats like it, some don’t. You can fool Xev into eating it by putting it on a couple of cat treats. Jack will do everything he can not to eat it, so we have to put it in a syringe and jam it down his little throat.

Jack has also started a new trick of taking a flying leap at you and climbing you like a tree. He’s a wild little cat and we’re going to have to break him of that because his little claws hurt. I spent a good portion of Sunday walking around with him clinging to my leg like a velcro monkey. It sounds funny, but it wasn’t as cool as you think.

I refrained from doing too much Xbox playing this weekend because I’m all set up for the Xbox Rewards challenge starting today and I didn’t want to get a bunch of Gamerpoints that could be credited toward my run in the challenge. Of course, at the time I’m writing this, the contest hasn’t started yet so I’m wondering when they’re going to get on the stick over there and roll out the signup form. Let’s go already.

This coming weekend is going to rock. Jenn and my mom are headed to my cousin’s wedding shower and will be there overnight, so my dad and I are going to play Xbox and watch movies and hang out all day. (Don’t you wish your dad was as cool as my dad?) I’m not sure what all we’re going to play, but I’m sure there will be some Halo in there because dad is a Halo addict. (Of course, it’d be nice if he’d play the single-player game more often to perfect his skills… hint-hint, Dad…)

I’m wearing my Mooby’s Funployee shirt today, complete with Mooby’s nametag. I found a label maker around work that laser prints on clear labels so I was able to put my name on the nametag and have it look perfect. Hey, it’s the small things.