GuidGenConsole - Generate GUIDs at the Command Line

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For those who haven’t jumped neck deep in PowerShell, it’s a pain to generate GUIDs. That GuidGen app that comes with Visual Studio is a pain.

Everyone’s chipped in their own three-line GUID command-line generator, but I wrote one that fits my needs, so I figured I’d post it.

How’s it different? Mine emulates the formatting for all of the available formats in standard GuidGen (though, admittedly, I don’t use the C++ formats like IMPLEMENT_OLECREATE so someone will have to tell me if what I’m doing is messed up) and it lets you create multiple GUIDs at once. The entire output gets copied to the clipboard, too, so if you just generated 15 GUIDs and you need to paste them into a file, you don’t have to copy each individually or generate 15 separate GUIDs.


I didn’t bother even including a readme or anything with this because it’s dead simple.

Download GuidGenConsole 2.0.0 Download GuidGenConsole 2.0.0 Source