New Favorites for the New Year

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Lots of change in recent times has brought about some new discoveries and new fun favorite things. Here are a few of the things Jenn and I have gotten into lately.

Simple Italian
Sandwiches Panini: My sister and brother-in-law got us an ice cream maker for a late wedding/Christmas gift, but Jenn and I are too fat already so we ended up taking it back to Williams-Sonoma to see what else they have we might need. While there, I saw this cookbook and somehow got an insatiable craving for panini. Within the next two days we got a panini grill and are now addicted to panini.

I Love New
York I Love New York: If you thought Flavor of Love was a train wreck of global proportions, you have to see the spin-off I Love New York. The contestant we all love to hate is back, and she’s got her own show. I can’t even begin to describe it, and I can’t tear my eyes off the screen.

Gears of
War Gears of War: I got this game for Christmas and am loving it. I haven’t gotten online yet - I’m waiting to get through the single player campaign and hone my mad skillz a bit first - but even the single player campaign is great.

Lego Star Wars
II Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy: Jenn and I can’t play games together because we are far too competitive, but this one seems to work. I got it for Jenn for Christmas and it’s hella fun.