Halloween 2006 - Joust!

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It’s Halloween once again, and this year I went as a knight from the 1982 video game, Joust.

Joust! Complete with

I’m pretty stoked with this one, especially considering it came together so quickly. I didn’t have a chance to make anything this year with the wedding and such, so I had to put my costume together from all store-bought bits.

Earlier in the month I had thought about being a Joust knight and making the ostrich, but it was too much work for this year. Then when we got back from the honeymoon, I hit Party City and holy crap they make an inflatable ostrich costume. Sold.

Picked up the knight costume separately (also from Party City) and the gauntlets and sword are from Target. (They don’t sell lances, which is understandable from a safety standpoint but does make things a bit less authentic.) I think all told I did spend about $80, but come on, it’s frickin’ Joust.

Won the “most original” award at the party I went to on Saturday and got “coolest” costume at the contest at work today. I’d say that’s a success. I think I’m going to wear it while handing out candy to the kids tonight. Of course, none of them will get it because the game is from 1982, but maybe their parents will get a kick out of it.

We had 155 trick-or-treaters last year so we bought more candy this year. We’ll see how many we get.