The Wicker Man

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The Wicker
ManJenn and I went to see The Wicker Man yesterday. While it doesn’t seem to be soaring in the ratings on IMDB, I didn’t think it was all that bad.

The premise of the movie is that Nicolas Cage is a cop who witnesses a traumatic accident. While he’s taking some time off to get his head straight, he gets a letter from an old girlfriend (played by Kate Beahan) asking him to come to this isolated commune she lives on called Summersisle because she needs help finding her daughter. When he gets there, he finds that there are all nature of weird things going on and its up to him to figure out what the real story is.

I thought it was OK. I wasn’t blown away or anything, and I guessed the twist at the end with about half an hour to spare. I also had an issue with Beahan’s mouth the whole time - her lips are sort of weird (too large? misshapen?) and I had a difficult time concentrating on what she was saying when her mouth was moving. There was also this odd disconnect between the accident that Cage witnesses at the beginning of the movie and his arrival on the island. What relevance did that have? Was it just a mechanism to get him into convalescence so he would be receptive to getting the letter? A plot convenience? I’m still figuring that out.

That said, I’ve seen some pretty sucky movies lately, so I can’t really bag on this one too bad. I think it’d be a decent rental, but you might not want to pay full price for it at the theater.

Interesting item I didn’t know - it’s a remake of a 1973 movie. Kind of makes me want to see the original to see if it’s any better. It’s got almost double the ratings as the remake, so maybe it’s doubly good.