Why Motorcyclists Get Killed

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We haven’t done a Traffic Asshole in a while, so I figured it’d be a good time.

Jenn and I took a trip up to the Empress Palace last week to do some wedding preparations. Traffic was pretty heavy and Jenn was driving, so I hung out with the camera on the lookout for traffic assholes (as is my wont).

It really didn’t take long.

Check this guy out:

This is why motorcyclists get

How many thousands of motorcycle deaths do you hear about each year? Normally I feel bad, thinking that cars should pay more mind to the other lesser-wheeled vehicle companions.

Not so with this guy. This right here is why motorcyclists get killed. It has nothing to do with a car’s ability to see you and everything to do with obeying the fucking traffic laws. Look, stud, you are a vehicle on the road just like the rest of us. You have to ride in the lane, just like the rest of us. If traffic is at a standstill or is moving slowly, you’re fucked just like the rest of us. You don’t get to skinny between cars regardless of your size. You, too, must sit and cook in the heat.

If someone had knocked this guy down, I wouldn’t have stopped. In fact, I’d have laughed. It sounds hard, but you get what you deserve. Obey the law, dumbass, and maybe you’ll live to ride your motorcycle tomorrow.