Granddad's Service

Saturday was Granddad’s memorial service where we buried him next to Grandma. One of his buddies said a few kind words and my aunt Linda read a really nice memorial to him that she had written. Once people had said what they needed to say, we put his ashes in the ground (he was cremated; Grandma wasn’t) and each of us put a shovel of dirt into the hole.

We went after that to Granddad’s favorite pizza joint and filled up on some pretty tasty pizza. It was good to hang out with folks and see what people were up to.

After pizza, some of us went back to Granddad’s house and took a few minutes to walk around and remember. My goodness, he had a lot of crap. (He liked doing woodworking, metalworking, stained glass work… and he had every type of tool, trinket, and spare material bits to do all of it.)

We got home late that night, a super long day of visiting and remembering and celebration. I think Granddad would have approved.