Random Tech Aggregation

I’m just coming across way too many cool things while cruising the morning news, so I’m going to share in a sort of random tech news aggregation thing.

First, it looks like Mark Miller’s introducing some cool stuff for the next version of CodeRush - Dynamic templates sound pretty awesome. I can’t wait for that.

Next, there’s an entry on the PowerShell blog discussing the grammar of the Windows PowerShell. The geek in me smiles while the rest of you look on in disgust.

Moving on to gaming, it looks like the stupid bat-a-rang controller for the PS3 is no more. Sony has released the real new PS3 controller. Looks a lot like the standard PS2 “Dual Shock 2” controller, but runs on Bluetooth and can detect motion (sort of like the Nintendo “Wii” controller). Of course, the new PS3 controller doesn’t have any vibration feature the way the other controllers do because it apparently messes up the motion detection. Hmmm. I guess that wasn’t the hugest part of gaming, but it did add a little something.

For folks that aren’t into that crazy Wii controller, I guess there will be a “Classic controller” that you can use. Just watch - you’ll have to have both controller types because some games won’t work with one.

Oh, and the Halo 3 trailer is out, so check it. It rocks. (My dad actually sent this to me before I got to it. Dad is stoked and he doesn’t even own a single game console. I think he’s just found his reason to get an Xbox 360.)

Okay, I think that’s it. For now.