Cake Tasting and Dress Trials

Saturday was cake tasting (and decision making) day, so Jenn, Stu, Tif, and I all went down to JaCiva’s to decide what kind of wedding cake we’re going to have.

Pretty much anything JaCiva’s makes is awesome (which is why we went with them), and after some tough decision making, we’re getting a four-tier cake that serves 125 and breaks down like this:

  • First tier (bottom) - 14” - Chocolate Fudge cake with Bavarian Custard filling
  • Second tier - 10” - Pink Champagne cake with Strawberry Preserves filling
  • Third tier - 8” - Poppy Seed Pudding cake with Raspberry Preserves filling
  • Fourth tier (top) - 6” - Pina Colada cake with Pina Colada (pineapple, coconut, and rum) filling

The style is called “Chocolate Flow.” Each tier is iced in white and then dark chocolate is poured on top and allowed to run slightly down the sides, creating a nice flowing effect. It has red icing roses with silver leaf petals on each tier that accent nicely against the dark brown and white cake. Beautiful (and, in fact, reasonably affordable).

Sunday Jenn and Tiff met up with Jenn’s mom and sister and they picked out bridesmaid dresses. I haven’t seen the dresses, but Jenn assures me that they look great. I have seen the shoulder wrap portion of the dresses, and the red that Jenn chose is gorgeous. It’s going to be great.

That said… Jenn went back with Tiff to see how things would match up with her dress, and looking at the dress it turns out there are some holes in it that Jenn didn’t see when she first purchased it. She got it from a charity event for a steal, so it’s not like there’s a whole load of money out the door, but she really loves the dress and now she sees that someone must have torn some of it when they tried it on or something, which sucks. Now she’s going to talk to a bridal shop and see if it can be fixed. If not… well, looks like she’ll be dress shopping again. That would suck because, like I said, she loves the dress, but she’s like me: just “repairing it” may not be enough - you know it wasn’t perfect at one point, so it’s going to bug you.

I told her we should call her dress “Distort-o-Dress” after the TV incident that ended up causing me to get a new big-screen TV (“you only see it if you’re looking for it, but since you know it’s there, you always see it…”). That got a smile, which I’m glad for. It’ll all work out. At least we caught it early, right?