My Ring Came In

Black titanium 'One
Ring'Jenn ordered my wedding ring online and, after a reasonably significant education for both of us in not only the German language but also how to make international wire transfers, it finally arrived.

It’s a black titanium Lord of the Rings “One Ring.” I think it’s awesome and, being titanium, won’t get destroyed as easily as other stuff I might get. Jenn’s still getting used to it since it’s not the traditional gold band.

Apparently it’s luck we even got the thing. After wading through their site using Google Language Tools and getting the size calculated and everything, after figuring out how to get the wire transfer done, and after beating our heads against trying to contact the online store, it turns out they don’t actually accept orders that ship to the US and the only reason they sent it was because they already had our money. Bad online store design, folks - if you don’t offer shipping to the country, don’t offer it as an option.

Regardless, I’m stoked. The ring rocks. One more item off the checklist.