The Cat Likes Sugar Cookies

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Pretty rockin’ weekend this weekend. Both days I got up at like 7:00a (just couldn’t sleep anymore… for some reason I can’t really “sleep in” like I used to) and played Prince of Persia: Warrior Within until 10:00a or whenever I felt that it was time to take a shower.

On Saturday Jenn and I went to the comic store and then were going to follow that up with a trip to the mall to pick up stocking stuffers when we got caught in probably the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. I had to get off the freeway and take back roads for like an hour to get the five miles or whatever ridiculous short distance it was from us to the mall, then proceeded to sit for another half hour just getting into the parking lot, at which point we decided to skip the whole thing and go home. Another 45 minutes or so and we had escaped the clutches of holiday capitalism.

Oh, we did stop at Target, though, and we picked up a couple of those buckets of frozen drink mix you can get. They had “Frosty Eggnog” and “Mint Chocolatini” that both sounded good. A quick trip to the liquor store had those setting up in the freezer outside.

Saturday night didn’t really do much anything. Watched some TV. That’s about it.

Sunday, after my round of gaming I went outside to put the protective cover up on the awning. Good thing, too, because it got snowy and did a little freezing rain action - don’t need that gumming up the works.

Finished that up and after a ridiculously long wait for the cable guy to show up and fix Stu’s cable modem, Stu and Tiff came over. We went to Qdoba for lunch, then came back and while Jenn and Tiff made sugar cookies Stu and I played Soul Calibur 2 and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (where Stu got an awesome +28 score in a single round of golf - harsh). The SC2 was a lot of fun - we played the “Weapons Master” mode and finished it the first round through (once you do that you unlock all these “extra missions” that we didn’t want to get into at the time). It validated my belief that enough strategic button mashing can, in fact, make you successful. Plus, it makes me want to get the new Soul Calibur 3.

We busted out the frozen drink buckets to try them out. Both are really good, though most of us happened to go for the “Frosty Eggnog.” (Don’t worry, Mint Chocolatini, I have not forgotten you!)

Woke up this morning and noticed that the kitties hadn’t eaten much food, so I didn’t need to add any new to their bowls. Walked downstairs to find one of the plates of sugar cookies totally uncovered and one cookie in several pieces on the floor. Asked Jenn about it and she said she had trouble keeping the Tiny Cat out of the cookies while she was making them… turns out those cookies, covered or not, were not safe from the ravages of that little turd. Cleaned up the cookie bits, put the remaining cookies away, and now… work.

I have only Monday through Wednesday to work this week, though, and Friday everyone’s coming over for the 24: Season Four marathon at my house, which I’m totally looking forward to. Christmas spirit, here I come!