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Took Jenn out for a nice dinner at Oba (our favorite restaurant) on Friday night and somewhere between the macadamia nut encrusted swordfish and the Kahlua and cream I asked her to marry me.

We’ve been together like five and a half years, living together for most of that, so I figured it was probably time. It was a complete surprise to her, which I think is cool. It was a really hard secret to keep - only Stu and my parents knew about it. (Stu even went with me to pick out the ring at The Shane Company, where, by the way, you should do all of your jewelry shopping - they rock.)

She said yes, which wasn’t necessarily unexpected but was really nice to hear.

And somehow the restaurant figured out what was going on and comped us our dessert, which was exceptionally thoughtful. I think my new scam might be going from restaurant to restaurant trying to get comped desserts.

No date has been set, no plans have been made. I’ll post updates as they become available. (I’m currently a big fan of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower observation deck wedding…)