Everything's Better In Wonkavision

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I don’t really remember what I did on Friday night. I think I worked on the vest for my Wonka costume, but I don’t recall, which sort of implies that it was inconsequential seeing as how I wasn’t actually inebriated.

Saturday I took my car in for its 40,000 mile checkup. I was told when I scheduled the appointment that it’d take a couple of hours, so I scheduled it early (8:40a) and Jenn drove her car to the dealership to pick me up after I dropped my car off so we could cruise around that side of town, burn a couple of hours, and get my car when it was done.

We ended up going to probably three different malls, just wandering, and I picked up some Wonka TV Room Goggles, which fit over my glasses perfectly. I was wondering what I was going to do about my glasses, now I have an answer.

Long about 1:00p or so I was wondering what happened to my car, so I called the dealership and found out they’d “have it done by 4:00p, as scheduled.” What? Two hours suddenly turned into eight. That’s… that’s great.

Jenn and I ended up checking out Flightplan, which is a decent film, if a bit of a one-trick pony. By the time that finished, my car was ready, so we picked that up and headed home.

Saturday night was spent feverishly working on my Wonka vest. I got it very nearly done, but at 1:00a I had to go to bed.

Sunday Stu and Tif came over. Stu and I played bongos while Tif and Jenn washed their cars.

At one point, Stu and I went to the store and while I was parking I ran over a (new) package of diapers that someone kindly left behind in the parking space for me. Normally I’d not mention such a thing except that the plastic packaging from the diapers melted to some piece or other on the undercarriage of my car and now when I drive it smells like burning plastic. I’m going to have to get under there when I get home tonight and scrape that off.

Oh, and I came up with a new look for my site, so I’ll be implementing that soon. If you come in and something’s messed up, that’s probably why

  • I don’t think it’s going to be an atomic commit.