Wonka Coat Arrived

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My Wonka jacket from Redballs arrived yesterday in size 2XL and it fits perfectly, so that part of the costume is now nailed down. I’ll take it in to the dry cleaners tonight to get it cleaned and pressed (it arrived folded in a box, so it’s got creases from that; it just needs to be freshened up a bit). If you’re in the market, check Redballs out - they really rock, and the service is awesome. Any question, just email ‘em and they will totally hook you up. Just note that the sizes, at least in the Wonka coat, run a little small - I normally fit nicely into an XL, but the 2XL is what I wear in the Wonka, and it’s still just ever so slightly tight in the shoulders (not enough to worry about, but I thought I’d mention it).

That gets that part of the costume out of the way. I also verified that my suit pants still fit (yay!), so the pants are taken care of. That leaves the vest, which I’ve been looking at the pattern for and will probably commence work on tonight. Once that’s done, I’ll have it all taken care of.

This is going to be so cool.

UPDATE 10/02/05: The costume came out well. Here are the details.