Trip To Devscovery: Day 3

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Day 3 has been the best of the three days, I think. The first lecture of the day I went to was on COM interop and had some really interesting stuff. Unfortunately, again, it didn’t quite end on time and I had to leave before it was over in order to make it to a unit testing lecture.

The unit testing/code coverage lecture rocked. Great information on some unit testing and code coverage tools, suggestions on integrating it into your regular development and build process… very interesting.

I filled out my comment sheet (adding all of the information you’ve already seen here, so it’s not like I’m just blogging and being passive-aggressive) and they gave us a copy of Programming .NET as well as a raffle ticket. The raffle, which happened after lunch, won me a copy of Threat Modeling.

Just before the third lecture, which was on .NET development tools, I sidelined the lecturer (again, John Robbins) and showed him CR_Documentor. I had looked at the lecture slides ahead of time and noticed he was going to talk about NDoc. I figured he might be interested in the preview feature CR_Documentor offers.

He was pretty psyched - enough so that I got a quick “guest lecturer” spot to present CR_Documentor in front of everyone at the lecture. This marks my first ever lecture appearance, and while I was a bit nervous, it felt good to get CR_Documentor out and about. Plus I got a free copy of Writing Secure Code. That rocked.

I sent the link and info over to John who will be putting CR_Documentor up on the Wintellect blog (actual entry here). So if you’re coming in from Wintellect, hello!

After this there’s one more lecture and then the drive home. It’ll be good to be back, but let me tell you, Friday at work is going to be unproductive as hell.