Trip To Devscovery: Day 0

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We call it “Day 0” because technically all I did today as far as Devscovery is concerned is travel. Tomorrow morning is when the conference actually starts.

The trip up was decent, if a bit on the wet side. Stu and I drove up together (well, Stu drove) and we beat both Portland and Bellevue/Redmond traffic, so I’d call that a success.

The Homestead where we’re staying is one of those “extended stay” places so there’s a little kitchenette and they offer wireless Internet (hence my ability to blog and check email, albeit on a weak 802.11b signal) for $4/stay. It’s a little… dicey… though. I mean, there’s sort of this mysterious stain on the carpet, and there’s no shampoo in the room even though there’s soap… No little disposable plastic cups, but some actual plastic…ware… cups. But no dish soap, and like I’m going to use those cups without washing them out myself.

Oh, well. I’ll be here for the next couple days, so I’d best get used to it.

Luckily I brought my PS2 and went to Radio Shack to get an RF converter thing so I can hook it to the primitive video display box they have in the room. Stu and I watched far too much Strong Bad email on DVD.

And now it’s bed time. I’ll catch up on my email, then hit the hay. Tomorrow: .NET!