Movies and Router Config

Another busy weekend this past weekend. I always think my weekends are going to somehow be restful, but it usually turns out the “work hard, play hard” thing rears its ugly head and I end up running all over town having fun.

Yeah, that sounds like a real complaint there, doesn’t it?

It’s fun, but exhausting. I’m totally dragging this morning.

Friday night we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my parents.

Saturday Stu and Tif came over so Tif and Jenn could wash and wax their cars the way Stu and I did a couple weeks back.

Stu and I took about an hour to put some edging up along the side of the house (we have some barkdust that always seems to overflow onto the sidewalk, so the edging should hold it all back). After that, the ladies washed and waxed while we played video games. It had been a while since I had played really anything but Dance Dance Revolution, so playing some cool game demos to see what’s coming out and throwing down for a while in Burnout 3 was a hell of a lot of fun.

When it started heating up (too hot for the ladies to wax anymore), we took some time and went to see The Dukes of Hazzard, which was great fun.

We got back and the ladies went out to finish their cars while Stu and I gamed and watched some TV. Long about 11:30p they finished and we all called it a night. Stu and I were fading fast, and I’m sure Jenn and Tif had had enough for the evening.

Sunday was chore day. Jenn and I did the vacuuming, laundry, dusting, shopping, and everything else that doesn’t get done all week.

My parents got cable Internet access so they needed me to come over and set up their wireless router for them. On the way over, we had a little issue where this guy cut across three lanes of traffic and jammed his stupid minivan nose slightly in front of me in the left hand turn lane and tried to wave it off, like, “Sorry! I realize I just cut across three lanes of traffic to try to get right in front of you, but it’s okay because I’m waving!”

It’s not okay; this isn’t Hawaii, there’s no “Da Kine,” motherfucker. You screwed up - accept responsibility for that and turn around legally, the way everyone else does, and come back from the other direction. No cutting across three lanes of traffic because you were reading to the kids in the back seat and weren’t paying attention and missed your turn. Ass. I laid on the horn and gave the guy the finger. No way he was getting in on my watch. Fuck that.


Okay, so, anyway, we got to my parents’ house and I set up Dad’s wireless router. That didn’t take too long, and it was nice to sit and talk with them for a bit. After that, home, more chores, and, finally, bed.

And, like I said, I’m dragging this morning. I may have to go get a Jamba Juice or something.