Waxy Weekend

This weekend Stu and I took the entirety of Saturday and a box full of Zaino products and did the full wash-and-wax routine on our respective automobiles.

We started at 9:30a. By 11:00a we had done an initial wash, run the claybar over the cars, and finished a secondary wash.

We had to take a break from 11:00a to around 5:00p because it was too hot outside. The day was supposed to be about 72 and overcast; it turned out to be closer to 80 and sunny. Not so great for waxing (we would have been in full sun).

During that break, we went out and grabbed something to eat at the mall, then came back home and played some Donkey Konga 2. Lots of fun, but we needed to get things going again, and when 5:00p rolled around, it looked like we’d have enough shade to finish the job.

We got three coats of wax on (two Z-5 and one Z-2) and had cleaned the interiors of both cars by the time we called it a night at around 10:00p. The light was gone, and we had accomplished what we wanted to accomplish.

Sunday I had no problems totally sleeping in, took a nap in the afternoon, and went right to sleep Sunday night. The wax job totally wore me out. Thank goodness it’s just maintenance from here on out (until a few years down the road when we decide to start over with the claybar again - last time I did this was a couple of years ago).