Giant Steak

On Friday Jenn and I went to Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen for Jenn’s grandma’s birthday dinner.

Now, keeping in mind that Jenn and I are trying to eat right and exercise and all that… Sayler’s is one of those places that breads and deep fries pretty much everything. If you look wrong at the menu you gain three pounds. It’s old school cooking, and it’s very popular with the older crowd. Heavy, heavy meals.

On their sign outside is a picture of a steak. Their menus are shaped like steaks. There’s a picture of a steak on damn close to everything in there. Why? They offer a 72oz. “steak challenge.” Eat it in an hour - with all the “trimmings” (baked potato, etc.) and it’s yours free. Fail the challenge and you pay $50 for it.

The steak sits in a glass case up front on ice. Jenn got a shot of it:

72oz of pure cardiac

Apparently you have to call ahead if you want to take the challenge because the steak takes so long to cook.

They’ve been doing this since like 1948 and they keep a running tally on the wall. Something like 220 men have failed and 110 have succeeded. Four women have failed and two succeeded. Unreal.