Comics Price Guide

I’m trying to figure out the best way to track my comic collection. In order to get a rider on my homeowner’s insurance policy, I need to be able to provide them with a complete inventory and estimated value of each issue.

I thought about how you could have a bar code scanner that you could use to easily scan comics into a database, but not all comics have bar codes on them, so you’d have to go by ISBN or some other unique number… but then, you also need to have the database to look the information up in, which is not something I’m eager to start maintaining.

I searched around for a while and found, which seems to be as close as it gets. You can track your comics online (which is a little disturbing to me from a backup perspective, but I guess you gotta trust folks) and they keep a running tally of what you have and what each is worth. I signed up for the free membership which will let me track up to 50 books just to see what they offer. If it’s any good, maybe I’ll sign up for the $45/year premium membership and just start tracking things there.