Happening Weekend

The weekend was pretty good (of course, it’s Tuesday and I’m just now getting to write about it… tells you how the week is going so far).

Saturday we went out with Stu and Tiff to the local fun center and played laser tag, some video games, and my personal favorite - skee-ball.

Sunday was the last hockey game of the season, so it was nice to see the Winter Hawks pull that one off. 36 home games per season, and I’m hockeyed out. I’ll be ready to go for next season, but for now… I’m valuing the free time I’m suddenly provided.

I’ve been playing some more Katamari Damacy and I’m really getting into it. I was going to order the soundtrack because it’s really crazy (yet addictive) Japanese pop sort of music, but it’s like $30 everywhere. Thanks, but it’s not worth $30 for the novelty. Instead, I found a guy who’s got it for download and picked it up there. Love it. I’m listening right now.

I’m still working on my pMachine to dasBlog conversion utility. I’m trying to make it reasonably general-purpose, but I’m not sure how successful that will be. When I’m done, I’ll probably stick it up here for “use at your own risk” usage. I was trying to make the code all nice and documented and everything… but for a utility I’m only using once, I may not go that far.