Who The Hell Is Raymund Rosales?

So Jenn and I got home late last night after hanging out with some friends. We’re tired and trying to sleep.

5:19a Sunday morning, we get this phone call. It doesn’t seem to appear on the caller ID, so I pick it up. It’s 5:19a - it’s gotta be life or death, right?

Travis: Hello? Caller: Hi, is Jennifer there? T: Who can I tell her is calling? Caller: This is Raymund. T: Can I tell her what this is about? Come on, man, it’s 5:19 in the morning. Raymund: It’s about a child of ours.

I handed the phone to Jenn, but by the time I got it to her, he had hung up.

That shit weirded me out. I mean, that’s the kind of phone call you get when the guilty serial murderer’s brother knows who the next target is and wants them to wake up and get out of the house.

I got up, checked all the rooms, and found that the caller ID on one of the other phones picked it up:

Raymond Rosales. 541-212-6379.

I looked it up online, and while I can’t seem to find an address for it, it’s an Ontario, OR, based number. Sprint’s the carrier. I couldn’t find anything else.

Anyway, if anything happens to us, call Raymund. That was some fishy shit. I’ve had like three hours of sleep and my adrenaline’s got me up now. I’m gonna have to watch a movie and chill out, then maybe take a nap later today.