Roomba, Part Deux

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I let the Roomba run its course in the living room last night, at the end of which it located its charging station and docked itself.

I wasn’t going to empty the dust bin on it since I had already vacuumed that room earlier in the day, but Jenn wanted to see what it picked up, if anything.

Holy crap.

Either we have really cheap carpet (which is probable) or the vacuum we’ve got doesn’t pick much up. There was all sorts of carpet fuzz and gunk in the Roomba’s dust bin. I was impressed - I mean, hit the button, let ‘er run… and that’s it.

So far, I’m loving it. The real test will come this weekend after a full week of tromping through the house (we vacuum on weekends). We’ll see how the ol’ Roomba holds up.