SNInfo - Strong-Naming Info for .NET Assemblies

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I’ve been working on tracking down different assemblies’ strong naming information this morning and I’ve decided that sn -T [assemblyname] is a big pain in the rear, so I threw together an app I’m sure is out there plentifully already yet I couldn’t be bothered to search for. If it’s out there, great. If it’s not, here you go.

This utility is a simple Windows forms app that allows you to drag a .NET assembly onto it and view the strong name information about it. You can copy/paste any of the information directly, plus I even threw in a little thing that will generate a sample binding redirect you can put in your app.config file.

SNInfo Main

I wouldn’t want them to just put this in the properties on the assembly or anything.

Download SNInfo

Download SNInfo source

Version History:

    • Converted to .NET 2.0.
    • Added binding redirect generation (for easy copy/paste of binding redirect configuration).
    • Added main menu bar (thanks to James McShane for pushing this one over to me).
    • First release.