Television Nightmare

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I love my TV. Love it. I bought it two years ago and haven’t looked back.

Until, of course, this weekend, when, as I was sitting there having a great time watching movies, I noticed that the bottom corners of the picture look distorted, like there’s some magnetic interference or something going on there. Very slight, but once I noticed it, it stuck out like a sore thumb and I couldn’t not look at it.

I went looking for my receipt, which should accompany my warranty information. I found the user manual and the factory warranty, but no receipt. I mean, I found every receipt to almost everything I own, but no TV receipt. I’m sure I put it in some secure place I wouldn’t forget. So secure, it’s safe even from me.

This put me into panic mode. See, the TV is just out of factory warranty. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember if I had bought the extended warranty or not, and not having the receipt, I couldn’t say.

I called the place I bought the TV this morning and, sure enough, I was smart enough to go for the extended warranty. (I think I worked it in for free because the TV was such a high-ticket item.) Awesome. A huge load off my chest, because I was thinking I was going to end up with a $3000, 300-pound lump in the middle of my living room.

Today has seen a flurry of phone calls. To the store I bought the TV at, to the repair shop, to the electronics warranty firm… and I think it’s worked out now so a guy will call me on Wednesday to schedule the time to come in and check it out.

Here’s hoping for goodness. I barely slept last night between that and work stressing me out. Sometimes I’m thinking that life is just downs with a small series of ups. I really hope I’m just being pessimistic.