Rescheduled To Death

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Remember my request for a suicide pill last Friday? How we spent a day and a half (all of Friday and first half of Monday) coming up with a new schedule?

Yesterday at 9:30a we got to do it all again, this time in some attempt to move the project structure around to some nefarious end I have yet to fully grasp, all by 3:00p.

Well, I didn’t make that deadline (I made a SWAG at it by 5:00p and that was the end of my patience with it), because it involved - once again - re-assessing all of the requirements (there are six different requirements documents we have to look at and triage through), this time looking at different things than before due to the structure upheaval. I’m anticipating not making several other deadlines on that schedule, too, because of the lack of time allocated to developing it.

I expressed some discomfort at the process and was told “that’s what it’s like working in a product organization.” I was offended by that for two reasons: First, it implies I’ve never “worked in a product organization,” which is blatantly incorrect and further implies a lack of respect for my expertise. Second, I should dearly hope that not every product organization goes through this many reschedules on a project.

Anyway, I’m bitter today, and have been since yesterday. I barely got any sleep, I’m so pissed off. Hopefully that will pass by, I dunno, Sunday. So that I can “bitter-up” for work bright and early Monday morning.

I do know that I’m tired of trying to go the “extra mile.” I come in at 7:00a and leave at 6:00p, even if it’s not “crunch time,” helping others solve their problems and working toward a more holistic solution for problems rather than just slapping a bunch of haphazard code together. Everyone else punches in at 9 and leaves at 5. I’m thinking 7 - 3 sounds mighty fine right about now.