Mediocre Team vs. Bad Team = Big Win

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Went to the Winter Hawks game last night, and while I insist that this season’s Hawks are mediocre at best, the Swift Current Broncos suck, so we kicked their ass 4 - 0.

It was nice to see such a blowout win, but I won’t lie: it’d be nice if it was good hockey. Connect a pass, guys. Come on. You can do it. At least there were a couple of good fights.

You’ll notice that I’ve turned on the requirement for folks to register prior to adding comments. I came in and looked at the 50 comment spams I had gotten and realized I had to do something, especially since it was still happening while I was reading email. I turned on the registration to stop the spider from adding more comments (they were going down the list of every single entry and adding comments).

I may or may not remove that registration requirement. I don’t actually send anything out to the email list, so maybe I’ll just leave it. It’d be nice to know how many folks come in. Then again, I should probably take the effort and implement my lame almost-CAPTCHA “copy and paste this random word” solution. It’s not foolproof by any means, but I figure my site’s not big enough for folks to invest the time and figure out how to sidestep it. I suppose if they ever do invest that time, I’ll have to move to a solution that actually supports CAPTCHAs.