Vacation in San Andreas, Day 3

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Today was a big day. Not only did I burn down a rival gang’s house, I picked up a girlfriend in the process. She seems to like being taken out to cheap bars or fast food, and if I don’t see her every couple of days, she calls me and tells me not to treat her like a ho or she’ll put a cap in my ass. Who wouldn’t want a girl like that?

I was also entrusted by my gang to start taking over rival gang territory, so I spent quite a bit of time doing that. Every once in a while, a gang would try to take some territory back, but I’d show up with my AK-47 and put them back in their place.

OG Loc violated parole and he’s headed back to prison, so we gave him a final sendoff party he’ll never forget. Of course, a rival gang crashed it so we had to kill them all before the party could really get going. A few car explosions and dead bodies later, and I was dancing the night away.

I’m starting to notice the gang members getting smarter, using flanking tactics and such when they attack. That could prove to be interesting, though I’ve been able to use their own intelligence against them - if I back myself down a long alleyway, they all funnel in and get gunned down single-file. A couple might hold back, but after the majority of the gang’s out of the way, one or two stragglers isn’t a problem, particularly when wearing body armor.