Random Blast

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No one particular thing driving this post, more just a random blast of thoughts and items.

The Winter Hawks canned the best (in my opinion) player on the team, Robin Big Snake, apparently because he was being a little mouthy. Apparently he’s now playing for the Owen Sound Attack (whoever that is). I’m still trying to piece it all together, but it’s sounding like scandal. Heh.

I was a big fan of Schoolhouse Rock, and while this isn’t real Schoolhouse Rock, it’s a pretty funny take on it. Check it out - Pirates and Emperors.

We watched the Star Wars movies last week and now I’m really itching for a Millennium Falcon. Anyone love me enough to pony up? No? Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter maybe? Guess I’ll have to save up a bit (after the tires last week, I’m running a little low on funds).