Can't SendTo

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I stayed late after work last night to try and get some help with my SendTo menu project. Talked to a guy smarter than me at C++ and, while he gave me some ideas as to what I should test, the problem still isn’t solved, so I still can’t tack the SendTo menu into the Visual Studio .NET solution explorer.

Interfacing with the Windows shell shouldn’t be this hard. I mean, I’m a smart guy. I’m no Raymond Chen, but I’m a smart guy nonetheless. I just don’t think it should be this difficult. In a day and age where the rough stuff is abstracted away by managed code and garbage collection, someone much smarter than me should have already figured this out and fixed it by now.

I guess I’ll keep trying. Seriously, though, if anyone knows of someone who understands shell programming in C++ (and, hopefully, also knows managed extensions for C++) and would like to fix this thing for a little piece of fame (no fortune, sorry… maybe a six-pack of your favorite beverage?), let me know. You’ll be helping the world as we know it.