You Can't Just Stop

traffic comments edit

I don’t know what it was with today. Things just pissed me off. I got my allergy shots and had a reaction (not bad, but enough to be annoying); I got a filling and shelled out the dough for that; on the way to my filling I ran into terrible traffic; and on the way back from my filling I got stuck in the world’s worst traffic ever. Like, to the point I almost got out of the car and walked.

Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve run into a Traffic Asshole, so today was the perfect day for that. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera, but the Asshole (white pickup, license BHT 101) decided he was well above the law.

I let it go when I exited the freeway to get onto a just-as-backed-up side street and he jetted out from behind me to sit in the lane next to me, just in front of my bumper, and signal his way into my lane. I figured I’d be nice - which, in traffic, is against every fiber in my being - and let the guy in.

He did it the once, and I let it go. Then we got to a left-hand light that turned onto a one-way street - the right lane turned right, the left lane turned left. He decided he was going to turn into the left lane, but he wanted to turn right.

Rather than accepting he was hosed, he stopped in the middle of the fucking lane and wouldn’t let anyone by.

Let’s see a diagram of that.

Don't stop in the Goddamn

For all you out-of-state people or folks that think this is OK: It’s not fucking OK. If it’s busy traffic and you accidentally turn into the wrong lane, suck it up and deal with it. Accept the consequences of your stupid actions and just go.

Oh, and if the guy behind you lays on the horn because you’ve stopped in the middle of the fucking road, you have absolutely zero right to be pissed off. You’re the one fucking up. Accept it, apologize, and drive your Goddamn car. You are, singlehandedly, the reason we have traffic.