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Most of the weekend was spent doing yardwork; at least, the majority of Saturday was. I bought this lawn aerator device that is basically a set of spikes attached to a handle - step on the spikes to push them into the ground, pull the handle to get them out of the ground. Like dangerous romper stompers.

Thing is, that trashes your back really quickly, so the rest of the weekend I ached. I still ache.

We also started painting the upstairs bathroom, which is already proving to be less painful than the last bathroom we painted because: a) we’re only painting two of the walls; and b) there’s no border that has to be sanded off. We got a coat of primer on there pretty quickly. We’ll put another coat of primer, then two coats of paint, then be done.

And, of course, there was the typical cleaning of… well, everything… as there usually is.

Oh! I got my L’Instant Taittinger poster back, framed, from Michael’s and it looks brilliant. That’s now in my entryway so you see it pretty much right when you walk in.