Changing Mice, Changing Jobs

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Before I really get into other things, I realize, looking back, that I didn’t say anything about the fact that the Oregon Air Show was this past weekend. Living near the Hillsboro Airport hasn’t ever been a problem (I don’t ever hear any air traffic - I’m not that close), but in cases like this it’s actually a benefit. My parents, Jenn’s parents, Jenn’s sister, and Jenn’s niece all came over and we barbecued and watched the show. It was cool - the Blue Angels flew close to rooftop level (low enough you could read the writing on the plane) right over my house and down my street.


Lots of change going on at work.

I’ve had this Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (cordless USB mouse) I’ve been using for the past few months. I like the wireless mouse thing, but I’ve noticed that this one seems to suck up batteries pretty quickly, on the order of a pair of batteries every three weeks or so. When the batteries get low (which I’m sure means they’re at half-strength), the mouse response gets crappy, like there’s signal interference or something.

After a few months of that, I’ve had enough and have switched back to a corded mouse. It’s the same mouse, just with a cord. Now I need to get a decent rechargeable wireless mouse. Not the highest of priorities, but definitely on the list.

I’ve also changed jobs. As of Monday, August 16, I’m officially moved out of the Corporate Information Technologies department and now I’m in Applications Engineering. I’ll be working on actual product code now instead of corporate internal applications, which I think will be a Cool Thing. I’ve been doing mostly product-related stuff anyway lately, might as well do it officially. I move my stuff to a new cube in the Engineering area tomorrow. I’ve already taken down the Harry Potter Legos… my cube is looking very empty. Of course, the new cube is like half the size of my current one, so I don’t have room for all of my toys.