I’m working at home today while the drywall contractors are here fixing my bathroom and my Tiny Cat is loving every minute of it. You’d think that all the sanding and vacuuming and noise would freak her out, but when she’s not sitting next to me on the couch trying to lay in the middle of the laptop keyboard, she’s over there poking around to see what sort of trouble she can get into.

Tiny Cat is weird. We kept her in the bathroom when she was very small (to get her used to the house, learn how to use the litter box, etc.) and now she has this connection with the bathroom that I can’t explain. She loves to be in there while you’re taking a dump. Loves it. She’ll cry and paw at the door if you don’t let her in. Once she’s in, she’ll walk around the base of the toilet and flop on her back expecting to be petted.

Of course, now the humans in the house expect her to be there, so if you’re going to the bathroom and she doesn’t show up, you leave the door open and yell “POOPINGCAT!” (long, like a yodel: “Poooooooopingcaaaaaaaaat!”) and she’ll come running. Seriously - you won’t have to wait more than a couple seconds. In fact, if you’re in a different room than her and yell “Poopingcat,” she’ll head to the closest bathroom to you because, well, that’s where the Poopingcat goes.

What a silly cat.