Caffeine Fix

Some people might say that when you start to feel a little lightheaded and hyped from your caffeine intake that you’ve probably had quite enough. I think that’s more of an indicator that you’re almost in the zone. More is better.

We get free carbonated beverages here at work. There are fountains on every floor, and they alternate Pepsi/Coke/Pepsi so you can get whatever you want, pretty much. I’m a Pepsi product drinker, but I sit on a Coke floor. Not great, but I can’t really complain.

I went down one floor just now to refill my Mountain Dew IV and they’re out of carbonated water down there, so it’s all syrup. Ugh.

Went up two floors to the next Pepsi dispenser and they’re out of syrup, so it’s all carbonated water. Someone needs to get these floors together so I can get a damn drink.

Argh! I ended up with Dr. Pepper and called it good. Why does the world hate me?