pMachine Update: How To Add Automatic Links To Comments

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I had a problem where I wanted to add a pMCode tag in pMachine to allow me to automatically link to other pages on my site. For example, normally you can use [url=]linktext[/url] to create links to other sites… but what if you want to link to pages in your own site? Adding hard references like that makes the site sort of inflexible if you change your URL or move to a different server (which is the problem I had). Wouldn’t it be nice if you could link to, say, your comments page by doing something like this: [commentlink=123]linktext[/commentlink]

So that’s what I drummed up. It seems to work for my site, which only hosts one blog, but it should work for multi-blog sites, too. To enable this change, you’ll need to edit your /pm/lib/pmcode.fns.php file.

At the top of the pmcode_decode function, add the following:

global $weblog;

Now add the following lines as shown, around line 305 in the file, with the rest of the substitutions:

// [commentlink=123]sometext[/commentlink]
$str = preg_replace("/\[commentlink=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/commentlink\]/i", "<a href=\"" . get_comments_link('\\1', $weblog) . "\">\\2</a>", $str);

Then copy and paste the following function in that same file, somewhere toward the bottom:

function get_comments_link($postid, $weblog = ""){
 global $db_multiweblogs, $db_categories, $db_weblog;
 global $db_members, $db_upload_prefs, $db_nonmembers, $pingserver_path;
 global $db_comments, $profileviewpage, $auto_xhtml, $url_rewriting, $sfx;

 if ($weblog == "") $weblog = "weblog";

 $db = new DB();
 $blogid_array = array();
 $sql = "select id,weblog from $db_multiweblogs order by id";
 $query = new DB_query($db, $sql);

 while ($query->db_fetch_object())
  $blogid_array[$query->obj->weblog] = $query->obj->id;


 $catpage = (isset($blogid_array[$blog]))  ? $blogid_array[$blog] : "1";
 $pagespath = get_pref("pages_path_abs_$weblog","1");
 $comments_page = get_pref("comments_page_$weblog");

 $delim = '?id=';

 if ($url_rewriting == 1)
  $delim = '/';
  $comments_page = str_replace($sfx, '', $comments_page);

 $catrow     = 0;

 $comments_url = "$pagespath{$comments_page}$delim$prefix{$postid}_0_{$catpage}_{$catrow}_C";

 if ($url_rewriting == 1) $comments_url .= '/';

 return $comments_url;

That should do it. Now you can use the new “commentlink” pMCode tag. Just pass in the ID to the entry you want to link to, like this: [commentlink=123]linktext[/commentlink]

Good luck!