Cut Again

Last Friday I bought a brand new blender because our old blender was leaking and pretty much weak (good luck crushing ice or even making milkshakes). The new blender rules. After making some piña coladas, though, I finished up a batch, rinsed out the jar, and while drying it I stabbed my right index finger on the blade. That sucked, and hurt quite a bit.

Minor detour: Our dishwasher sucks. Ever since we moved in it hasn’t washed dishes for crap. Okay, now we continue.

Last night, Jenn and I got so fed up with the stupid dishwasher that we were considering just using it like a drying rack until we had money to get a new one, when I reached down in and pushed the turning-spray-thing in the bottom an dit barely turned. On further investigation, I saw a rubber band wrapped around it, causing it to not move too well. I reached in and started untangling the rubber band, scraped my finger a little, and pulled out the rubber band.

By the time I got the rubber band out, I noticed there was this berry red juice all over in the bottom of the dishwasher and all over my hands… and it was coming out of my right index finger. That was when I noticed the gigantic hunk of broken glass in the bottom of the dishwasher that I had cut myself on - not scraped, cut.

Now it’s today, and I’m typing (barely) with four fingers on my right hand as I avoid touching anything with my (now throbbing painfully) index finger.