The Big Weekend

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This is the big weekend.

Tomorrow at 5:00p I meet my realtor to get the keys to my new place, after which Jenn and I will be running around the empty house like the Wild Man of Borneo in celebration of not having attached neighbors.

We’ll probably take a carload of stuff over - stuff we either didn’t pack or think is too fragile to be thrown in the back of a truck - but generally that’s the extent of the plans for Saturday.

Sunday I’m thinking we’ll do the absolute final version of packing, maybe disassemble the bed, and get the last of things set for the movers on Monday. I have to clean the grill at some point (maybe Saturday?) because they won’t move the grill if it’s got crap in it.

Monday at 9 the movers should show up and get our stuff and move it to the new place. We’ll leave the cleaning supplies (probably) at the old place so we can finish cleaning up, but by and large, after Monday we’re in the new place and that’s it for apartment life.

I have Monday and Tuesday off so we can unpack and get things situated (or at least start that process) but I feel I’ll be unpacking and situating things for a few weeks after we get in. In particular, the setup of the home theater is going to take some time. In the apartment, all of the cords go around the ceiling and baseboards; in the new place we’re actually going to run them through the walls (the right way) so we won’t have to deal with cords all over the place. Plus I want to get good cables for my stuff, not these chintzy cheap cables that are all the wrong lengths, etc. But I need to get the in-wall speaker wire, the new cables, and I think a switchbox to handle the multiple component video sources I’ve got floating around (PS2, digital cable, DVD, etc.).

Jenn’s going to get the tubby cat cleaned up (bath, maybe a haircut) for the trip and we’ll take both kitties to the new place on Monday. I think the Tiny Cat is going to look at this like it’s an adventure; Tubby’s going to hide under the couch for a few days.