Some People Are Good People

I wrote yesterday about some eBay troubles I was having where an item I sent to someone in Australia got shipped to the wrong person.

I contacted the person who got the shirt and asked them what we could do to get the issue resolved and got back the following:

Yeah, i have the t-shirt that you tried to send to Michael. The mistake that was made was that you didnt put the suburb on the packaging. This caused the mix up and it has been sent to the wrong address…mine. The package had the postcode on it. So i think i have determined the correct address. I wrote “Vermont Sth” on the package and am going to re-deliver the package.

I wrote back to the guy and thanked him for doing that. I got:

No problem mate, next time make sure you have the correct mailing address before sending stuff away. Poor Mickey almost paid US$12 + postage and handling for no reason.

I figure it’s beside the point that I used the address I was given by the customer. It’s stuff like this that sort of restores my faith in humanity. Some people out there are good.