Home Inspection Scheduled

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I’ve scheduled the home inspection for this coming Friday, March 12th. It’ll end up costing me $270 for that (I have a coupon for $35 off), but it’s money well spent. Greg says he’s seen great looking deals go south because of the results of an inspection, but you know, that’s why you get the inspection in the first place - to ensure there’s nothing wrong.

It’s a pretty new house (2001) so I don’t anticipate anything going wrong, but you never know.

Apparently these things take like three hours. Looks like I’ll be taking a half-day on Friday.

On another note, several folks have been asking for pictures of the new place and maybe some specs. What I’ll do is take some pictures during the inspection (hey, what else am I gonna do for three hours?) and then post them up here with some specs. I’d point you all to the RMLS listing for the house, but it’s been taken down.