Taking On The Town

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I’m not sure if it’s a sign of my age or distinct lack of energy, but Jenn’s friends at work invited us out to go clubbing tonight and I was all for it until I heard they wanted to meet up at 11:00p. Dude, I’m ready for bed at 11:00p. I’m all about meeting up at 8 and going from there.

My eBay auctioning has been reasonably successful. I’m finding that generally I need to list things for two weeks, but after that they’re sold. The default listing of a single week doesn’t seem to work. It’s like people specifically wait for me to pay the extra $0.35 to relist the item before deciding to bid on it. At least the stuff’s selling.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do at work, but I’m really just not interested in any of it, so I’m finishing up little nickel-and-dime things that fall through the cracks. The three-day weekend is coming up and I’m not only anxious to get to that, but also kind of excited to go house shopping. One in particular has caught my eye.

In other news, I’ve converted Jenn over to be a Homestar Runner fan. She used to just not understand the whole Strong Bad thing, but I bought the CD and she’s hooked. Now she goes and regularly checks for Strong Bad emails just like the rest of the intelligent universe. Her favorite character is The Cheat. I think she may need a Cheat shirt.