Front-Ender, Part 2

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This is the first follow-up to a Traffic Asshole Of The Week that I’ve posted, which, I think, makes this a fairly momentous occasion. Like we need a moment of silence because someone out there was stupid enough to make it to TAotW twice.

So, those sort of following this thing realize that Jenn got front-ended at a stop light last week. After being given some faulty insurance information, it turns out that the lady at fault was driving on a suspended license. And why, you might ask, did she have her license suspended?

For driving without insurance, of course.

Needless to say, this is not terribly surprising to me, but it is a highly annoying thing nonetheless. My insurance rates are sky high and I only have one accident - a rear-ender going about 10 mph - on my record. Why? Because jackoffs like this feel the need to back up for no apparent reason in rush hour traffic and not carry insurance.

Jenn has followed up with the police and got the insurance information they have on file for the lady, which is also incorrect. We’ve gotten no call back from the lady, either, so it seems Jenn’s going to be paying the $200 deductible and filing the uninsured motorist claim.

The real kicker - as if you hadn’t already read it - is that this bitch had the outright balls to file an at-fault claim against Jenn. The sheer audacity of it all makes me want to take up arms and hunt her down.

Apparently there are also other claims against this lady - tickets and whatnot that she’s evading - and there’s some sort of a warrant out for her… but (and this is something I don’t get) the police, for some reason, can’t just go to her house and arrest her. Like, every time they show up, she’s not there, and that’s stopping them. Shit, I may just go rob a bank, and when the cops show up to arrest me, I just won’t answer the door. That seems to be a viable thing now.

If it was up to me, the fucking SWAT team would be at this lady’s house. They’d swing in through the windows on ropes and break down the doors with battering rams. You know what? They wouldn’t even have to arrest her. I’d accept the property damage on her part as due pennance for the whole ordeal. Maybe they could shoot her in the meaty part of her leg or something. That’d be fine, too.

What a load of ridiculous crap. Somehow I’d like to envision a world where people take *gasp* responsibility for their actions, but I believe my Utopian dreams are just not meant to be. I’ve been told I hold too high of expectations for people and I should lower them lest I be constantly disappointed. This right here is proof positive that’s the case.