Round One, No Luck

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Jenn and I spent five or six hours driving around to between 10 and 12 different houses on Saturday with our realtor and the best we got was a house that we wouldn’t have minded living in, but nothing that called to us.

We found one listing that we totally fell in love with, but when we got to the address it turned out someone had listed the wrong picture with the address. We were beyond disappointed, because that was the house. That really sucked. I mean, it was located right by the local landfill and I was still sold. Our realtor is going to contact the person who listed the article and see where that house actually is.

I had hoped this wouldn’t be a three-month process the way several people had told me it would be, but I guess that’s just how it is.

I did get the paperwork from my mortgage broker in the mail on Saturday, though, and now that it’s all signed and off to her, we can be a little more serious about having money and getting this house thing done. Not that I wasn’t serious before, mind you, but now I’ve actually signed stuff. That makes it all official-like.