Metered On-Ramps Suck My Will To Live

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This week I’m bringing you an extra-special Traffic Asshole.

I went to visit one of my potential mortgage brokers on Friday afternoon and, seeing as how it was 2:00p, figured I’d head home and work from there. You know - beat the traffic, so to speak.

Imagine my surprise to get into this:

Sitting... waiting... and it's only

What the hell is going on here?

I continued into this quagmire, merging with some other traffic, equally backed up:

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And when I finally got to the head of this thing, what was it? A wreck? A death?

No, something much more insidious still:

Ramp Signal

A metered on-ramp.

What a load of shit, man. Whoever figured out this metered on-ramp thing should be fucking shot. What else could cause such traffic devastation in the afternoon?

I sure as hell won’t miss that once I’ve moved closer to work.