Pursuing Trivia

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Jenn and I went last night to Mr. Bill’s Traveling Trivia Show again. This time, rather than going with family, we met a couple of friends of mine. For anonymity’s sake or something, we’ll call them “Susan” and “Andrew.” Heh.

Also there, we met a bunch of new (for me) people, and I’m horrible with names so if I spell or otherwise mangle or forget your… um, anonymous… name, forgive me… We saw Susan’s husband Brian, a guy named Scott (who I think was at the last trivia show we went to, but showed up late), another guy named John, and Susan’s cousin… You know, I can say her name but I probably can’t spell it. It’s like “Tanya” but starts with “Dawn.” Or maybe it was just too loud in the place and I’m going deaf. We’ll say it’s “Dawnya.” Something like that. Regardless, cousins. They have the same teeth, so you know they’re not lying.

Dawnya’s into NASCAR. Not that it really matters in the context of what we’re talking about here, but almost every time anything sports related came up, it inevitably led to NASCAR somehow. NASCAR is something I just don’t comprehend. I suppose it’s just one of those things - some folks like it and some folks don’t. I think if I’m going to watch races, I want Formula 1 or motorcycle races or something. I’m a hockey fan - I need asses getting kicked and blood on the ice. I just don’t think I’m going to find that in NASCAR. But I digress…

We played a good game, and this time Jenn and I even won a dollar-off coupon that we applied to our bill. As it happens, Andrew’s even less lucky than Jenn and I - he’s been five times and never won anything. One would think he’d start feeling slightly beaten down. If I were him, I’d probably have a few words outside with Mr. Bill. He seems pretty patient about it, though.

Andrew’s actually quite a kick. After he gets a few beers into him, especially. Two things about the evening that cracked me up:

As Mr. Bill was reading out the numbers of the winning tickets, Andrew gets up, stoked that he won the drawing… just to see someone else go up and claim the prize (because his ticket was actually not the winner… maybe it was an unconscious desire to finally claim a prize?). I’ve never seen anyone turn redder than that. Like hot lava, baby. Yow.

Then, last round of the game, Andrew’s five beers into things, and the question is, “Who played the Joker in the 1989 movie, Batman?” Andrew basically pulls out this virtual PA system and addresses the entire crowd, yelling, “OH! JACK NICHOLSON!” Hey, man, put the bullhorn down. The “contest” part of the “trivia contest” is that not everyone knows the answers. It was too hysterical. I hope he’s there next time we go.

That was pretty much it for the evening last night. I’m exhausted this morning, but I don’t really know why, and I can still taste the basket of onion rings from last night. Maybe I shouldn’t have had the whole basket. Oh well.

Oh! I had this weird onion-ring-driven dream last night where I was starring in an Indiana Jones style movie with my Tiny Cat, who somehow spoke English. We got caught by the Nazis and in order to escape, the cat had to sit on an ostrich egg and try to get it to hatch. I was tied to a chair, telling her to hurry up, and she was generally indignant about the whole thing. I mean, how could I expect her to hatch the egg if I wouldn’t shut up? It was pretty funny.